Are you planning on purchasing a home?

A Critical First Step

When You’re Thinking of Buying a Home

is to make sure you can obtain mortgage financing. While there are plenty of online calculators that you can plug numbers into, this doesn’t take the place of having an experienced mortgage agent review your application in detail. There are many factors that a generic calculator cannot take into account which could have a big impact on your ability to obtain an approval. I perform a thorough review of every client I work with who is preparing to purchase a home. This goes far beyond a simple “pre-approval” and ensures you can confidently make your offer, knowing that financing will be available.

The first step is to fill out an application so that I can review in detail. We can discuss rates available for your situation, terms and payments based on various loan amounts. If you already own a home that you will be selling, I can discuss with your realtor to ensure there will be sufficient funds to payout any existing financing and cover the down payment and closing costs of the new home.

The second step, one you have an accepted offer, is for me to obtain the full approval based on the details of your purchase. I can then review the paperwork with you and answer any questions that may arise.

Once signed, your lawyer will receive instructions from the lender so they can begin to work on the file.

Communication is key for all parties involved so I make sure everyone is on the same page – you, your realtor, the lender and the lawyer.

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