Who doesn't want an early retirement

I don't recall ever meeting someone that had a job and didn't want to be able to retire early from that job. Even people that actually like what they are doing at their job would want the ability to be able to quit or at least not be dependant of the paycheck each month. So what do I see as the key aspects for an early retirement?

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1. Start as soon as possible

The best thing to do is start as early as you possibly can. The more time you have to work on it the less effort you will have to put in. Unfortunately too many people are starting out too late and are therefore struggling with making ends meet and often can't see their way out of the everyday hassle.

2. Find out what you want

You need to be clear about what it is that you actually want. Do you want to retire by a certain age or do you want to retire when you have made a certain amount of money or is it something completely different? The point is that if you don't know what it is that you want you will have a very tough time actually achieving it.

3. Make a commitment to yourself

I talked about it yesterday because I find that most people lack the actually commitment to really achieve anything when it comes to early retirement. Without the right commitment of doing whatever it takes you are very unlikely to ever be successful at it.

4. Create a plan for achieving your goal

Know that you know what it is that you want and you have made a commitment to yourself about actually doing it you will need to map out a plan to follow. You might know the saying that goes if you fail to plan, you plan to fail and I believe that it is very true. So spend a little time setting up that specific plan that you would want to follow.

5. Refine your plan

Even if you try to create the perfect plan it is not going to happen. There will be stuff that you didn't anticipate and instead of being frustrated I suggest that you just adjust your plan and move ahead. On the way to your final goal you're very likely to have adjusted your plan several times but that is what was required in order to get to that goal.

6. Follow through on your plan

Making a commitment and having a plan to follow will only work if you actually do the work that the plan says is required. Without putting in the consistent effort you're not going to see the results that you want and you'll need to revise you're plan even more. Dont go down that road. Stick to the plan that you have set out no matter what.

7. Accept that it will take time

The reason that I said to start as early as possible is that this is going to take time and depending on what goal you have made for yourself it is going to take more or less time to reach it. You must accept that this time will have to pass and the best thing you can do is just to work the plan and keep doing it until you have reached your goal and are able to retire early.

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