Alternative Financing

Declined by your bank? Don’t give up!

Many Clients Run Into Situations

Where Their Bank Will Not Approve A Mortgage For Them.

Perhaps income is difficult to prove or not enough is recognized, such as with self-employment. Or maybe life threw a curve and credit took a hit from a job loss, illness, divorce or some other unexpected event. It’s important to know there may be options available to you. Some of the lenders I work with are much more flexible than major banks and with reasonable explanation, may consider. These types of unique situations are case by case and as such, require the expertise of a mortgage agent well experienced in
this type of financing.

Alternative financing is more costly than typical bank financing and therefore used as a short term solution to address the current issues and get you back on track to move the mortgage to prime lender upon maturity. In the case of credit issues, these can be addressed with a refinance through an alternative lender to allow your score to increase and meet the requirements of a prime lender within a short period of time. For someone that is self-employed and cannot show income by means of taxes but can verify it by other means, alternative financing could be the only option to allow financing until taxes
are brought in order.

If you find yourself in a similar situation and have been declined by your bank, don’t give up! Contact me to discuss what options you may have.

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