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I can carry my personal possessions AND my daughter on my back. I truly feel free from anything. My monthly expenses now only equal up to the 200 dollars worth of groceries my mom has me buy instead of paying a rent. I gladly indulge. Sure, I DO want all of the other things out there, but I know that I won't have the time to use most of them. My life has changed. I'm after the big experience, one small experience at a time.

All I truly feel I need is a few language programs, a laptop, a camera, and a few hundred US dollars a month. The most expensive part would be leaving the country. The hardest part would be getting back home, if I indeed view this place as home again.

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I've always looked at the big picture. I wasn't just Oklahoman, but American. I'm not only an American, but a human upon this planet Earth. I'm not only a mixed breed mutt, but a combination of so much love between races. I didn't want to have a Macbook, I wanted to create it. I didn't want to put the screws in, I wanted to find people to screw them in and ask how tight. I can never be cookie cutter because someone forgot to bring their guide.

Living minimal isn't a way to save money for me, nor is it a way to be an Earth loving hippie. I love the earth, but that doesn't mean I would take a personal jet to where I needed to go. I like to save time. Thats the biggest currency. And with money, comes time. Spending money on things, leaves less money to spend on time. Spending money on money, however, creates more money to spend on MORE TIME. If you follow, read on.

Film is my passion. Storytelling is my passion. Creative conversation is my passion. Music is my passion. I have many other loves and likes, but non of them go as far as my big four. All of these just so happen to coincide beautifully together in pure artistry.

I want to spend my life around it. Wealth and fame come to those who give themselves completely to their crafts. I need neither. Just to ability to survive while experiencing life on my own accord is thriving in my book.

I don't want the things of the world to distract me from what I truly want. I don't want to spend 8 hours a day behind the counter of some rich man's store, just so I can get off of work and buy his products.

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