What Rovio, Imanji, and Marvel have in common

What all three of these companies have in common is that they each make most of their revenue "outside their core business."

Rovio and Imaji are "mobile game development companies" as their core business. Marvel is a comic book company as their core business.

If you truly want to "make it" in the app game, the way to do that is to think about monetization outside the app. I have talked about this fairly extensively in the past. Having the right business model for your app business one that thinks considerably about how you can pull people from your app to other things is vital to making the most possible, for the least effort, while at the same time actually doing MORE for your customers.

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Let you business thrive by "thinking outside your apps" and using your apps as a lead generator for a larger business.

Not only that, but let's face it. If you use your apps as a lead generator for a larger business, you have a larger, more lucrative, more profitable business because well there's more there

You are also creating something so that should you decide to sell it, you aren't just selling some apps, you're selling a highly profitable business of which apps are one component. That means you can sell for alot more.

Building your app business, so that it isn't "just" an app business is better all the way around.

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