This really bothers me...

There are a few things out there that really fire me up but one of the biggest is when either politicians or big corporations think they can pull a fast one over on the American people. I think I get most pissed off by the fact that I think it actually works most of the time. People stop being dumb please, kkthnx.

I have a perfect example that I got in the mail today from my longterm credit card company, Chase Financial Services. I have long held and used my Chase Freedom Card to purchase any and everything that I could get my hands on. For me it is all about the cash back. To borrow my favorite phrase from Jerry Maguire, "Show me the money!!"In exchange for my 3% cash back on all basic goods and 5% at grocery stores and gas stations, I will gladly charge that $0.75 candy bar rather than root around under the seats for three quarters. We have had quite a happy relationship for going on 15 years now. Over the years, Chase has offered me various weird programs like a concierge service, or insurance, etc. but for me it has always been about the cash back bonus.

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In today's mail I received the following letter from my beloved Chase, with the added italics from my internal thought process:

Dear Dave,

Congratulations! (ooh did I win something from one of those random contests they are always harping about?) To thank you for being a valued customer, we're changing ( changing, changing = danger unless I get a vote. ) your Chase Freedom account. You'll receive new benefits ( won't turn down a gift horse ) and there's no extra cost ( can't go wrong with that ).

Here's what you get now

5% Cash Back offers in popular rotating categories like home improvement, gas and department stores. ( umm wait, first major red flag I was already ALWAYS getting 5% cash back on groceries, gas, and fast food which we're my three biggest consistent expenditures) - instead of earning a fixed 3% cash back on gas, grocery store and fast food purchases.

AVOID INTEREST on everyday purchases when you pay them in full each month with Full Pay from Blueprint. ( well a big duh here, does anybody really think you charge me interest on things I pay off in full each month? And why do I need a new program to pay it for me? )

CASH BACK EVERYWHERE a full 1% cash back on purchases with no limits or expiration dates. ( What the !@#!@$#%%, what do they mean a 1% rebate, I was always getting at least a 3% rebate before. The no limits is a shot at Discover who caps your rebate, but who the he'll is going to leave money sitting out there long enough to care about expiration dates? )

Ultimate Rewards let's you redeem your rewards easily online. ( I have ALWAYS redeemed my rewards online, so no change here. ) Please note, the option of receiving a $250 check for $200 in rewards will no longer be available. ( Shit, I didn't even realize that was an option, but obviously they are taking it away now. )

Account terms stay the same ( blah blah blah )

Simply keep using your Chase Freedom card. We'll automatically add your new benefits to your account. ( Hold the phone I can't keep from getting screwed?? )

/end of letter

At this point I picked up the phone and called the number on the back of my card. I told them I received a mailing that didn't make any sense to me, and could she please explain it. She explained to me that my account had been "upgraded" and they are doing away with the old account, because their market research said the customers we're overly confused about the plethora of options that we're available. This was an attempt to simplify the plan and give better benefits to everybody. To which I responded

Answer me the following things.

1) Before this change, was I making a minimum of 3% cash back and 5% on gas, groceries, and fast food. She said yes.

2) With the new plan, I am now only getting 1% cash back on everything, unless it is a featured item in which case I now get 5%. She said yes.

To which I responded, this is not an upgrade, it is called good old fashioned getting screwed. At which point I was told I could speak to her manager. Who basically had the exact same feedback for me, where she was trying to sell it to me that this is a lot better for the customers and not worse. Which led me to ask are people really that dumb? Send them a letter, tell them they are getting more benefits for no cost, which is a pretty blatant misrepresentation of the facts, and they will happily smile and keep charging away money which they can't afford to spend.

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