Self preservation is the first law of nature

If self preservation is the first law of nature then how is it that members of the black community can find it possible to help everyone else before they help themselves.

Over the winter break, seven students from our campus took a trip to Israel to learn about Israeli culture and to perform community service.

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Why would an SGA spend $14,000 of student money to help another group of people on another continent, when there are thousands of individuals in our own ASU community that need our support and service?

That decision usurped a behemoth amount of money out of an SGA budget that is already riddled with vagueness and a lack of accountability, not to mention that the money that was used to fly half way around the world could have been used to better improve the quality of life and experiences that the campus community as a whole could have benefited from.

Secondly, is it wise and prudent to go and learn about another country's culture when many of our students on this campus don't even have a basic knowledge of themselves or their own culture and history?

What are we thinking?We cannot and should not want to attempt to unite with another peoples' struggle until we have given the proper attention to the problems that students and people, within not only the campus community, but the Montgomery community as a whole, face daily.

We have the temerity to come back and seek media attention and flash images of where we have aided in the building of houses in Israel.

We should be ashamed when we haven't even thought about picking up a two by four to repair some of these decrepit living conditions that some of the people who look like us are forced to live in only several blocks over from this university.

What about our own living conditions? Are they so adequate and plush that we have time to spend $14,000 to help someone else?

It is a shame our "leaders" believe that it is more important to give attention to Israel than their own communities. This turning a blind eye and giving insufficient excuses is old, and the only way for the student body to eradicate these kinds of decisions is by getting some backbone and refusing to continue to stand for mediocrity.

I am saying if the Student Government Association executive branch continues to spend the students' money as unwisely as this decision, then efforts should be made to hold them accountable - even if it means impeachment.

It is baffling that students on our campus are walking around with Pro-Israel t-shirts on, when acts of violence are being committed on this campus and in the black community and no one is speaking up about it. As Malcolm X once said, "we cannot think of becoming acceptable unto others until we have first become acceptable to ourselves."

At this very moment the Sudanese people are under continuous attack by a group of lighter skinned Arabs known as the Janjaweed, who bomb, kill, and rape the people of the Sudan. In large part many of these victims are women and children. Last spring it was brought to light that some members of the Janjaweed forces who had contracted HIV we're infecting women of the Sudan by way of rape as a war tactic.

All of these atrocities being stated, our students would rather assist those in Israel instead of assisting people, locally or globally, who look like ourselves.

There is something psychologically wrong with this thinking. If our own aren't important enough for us to place an investment, can we really expect others to provide and care for us before we do for ourselves?

We are the only group of people that shove our money and support towards the efforts of a another race or people. These efforts will only look to build up their communities and send ours further into desolation and despair.

I hope that in 2008 we will take a look at the value and power of doing for one's self and community. I hope that our student government will also do more to help the students.

We must stop wasting time trying to unite and fight causes for other people while our organizations, communities, and churches continue to "go to hell in a hand basket" because the efforts of our best and brightest go to things that will never benefit us.

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