How Can I Save Money on Groceries?

How can I save money on groceries? The answer lies ahead - you better "Shop Around"!

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Everyone loves to save money. Careful, advanced planning for your food expenditures can make a huge difference when your goal is to save money!

Find Cheaper Prices While Shopping Online

It is possible now to do most of your grocery shopping online and have it delivered right to your door. And, often, the dollar amount purchased can eliminate all of the shipping costs! As of the time of writing this article, Amazon, for example, ships most items for free if the dollar amount of the total order is over $35.00 and if you choose standard shipping which can take five - eight days.

Double Check Shipping Costs

Always be aware of the shipping costs. Even if one item states in it's description that orders over $35.00 ship for free, you still want to look at the final total to make sure. You don't want any surprises and if there is one item that is charging for shipping, that item might be better purchased elsewhere online or locally when you are out running another errand.

Frozen Foods and Meats

Frozen foods and meats are also available for shipping. Be sure to include shipping costs for these items when considering your overall expense as these tend to not ship for free.

Shop and Plan in Advance

Shopping in advance and online makes menu and party planning a breeze. Order what you need and add any other needed items, shampoo, diapers, etc. to eliminate shipping costs. Any extra needed or forgotten items won't require a trip to the store if you plan ahead. Simply submit another order!

Buying in Bulk

Buying in bulk those products which you use frequently may be a good idea. You do need to compare prices here. Sometimes the larger quantities actually cost more per unit, but more often than not the larger the quantity the cheaper per ounce.

When buying in bulk, consider if you really want or need to buy a large quantity. Sometimes it doesn't make since to buy so much of one item even if it is cheaper per unit. For example, a store may offer a real steal of a price for ten bottles of ketchup! If you rarely use ketchup or live alone, you probably should pass on the ten-bottle purchase!

Comparison Shopping

Where you shop can make a huge difference. Also, if one product is less expensive at a store that doesn't mean that everything is cheaper at that particular store. When buying online, and/or in bulk, it pays to "shop around" and compare!

Shopping online makes it easy to compare prices, both locally, and with online stores. Open up weekly flyer specials and compare to bargains you can find online. This will help you decide if it's worth the trip to the store to save on those weekly specials.

Buy Good Quality

Don't give up quality. It usually doesn't pay to buy poor quality items to save money. More often than not, you will be able to find just what you want by doing a little research.

Start a New, Money-Saving Habit

A good place to start would be to do some price checks on those products which you use frequently and in big amounts. High ticket products are also worthy of careful research.

The process of comparison shopping becomes easier with practice. At first, keeping lists of different store prices will help. After a while, you will know where to get your best deals and will find yourself automatically purchasing certain items at specific stores.

Organize Your Purchases

Using a recipe box with index cards can help organize your purchases. Use a different card for each store and list on that card items you usually buy there along with the usual prices. That way you will be able to easily check what you usually pay for an item. A master, alphabetically organized list of items along with codes for different stores (A for Amazon, for example) might also be helpful.

Pets, Indoors and Out!

While you are checking on prices, don't forget your outside and inside feathered friends as well as any four-legged furry "children" you may have under foot. Bird seed, kitty litter, and dog and cat food can ship for free as well!

Save Time, Money Shopping Online

Hopefully you now realize that not only can you save a ton of money shopping online but also this can save you so much time! We all want more time and money, right?

The holidays are coming up! Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. The time has come to start planning for the extra cooking and baking that we love to do.

Habit Forming

Start a new habit. Take action to begin your quest and simplify your shopping while saving money as well as tons of time! No longer will you have to ask, "How can I save money on groceries?".

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